Petro Inter Tech Co., Ltd. and a short name is called PIT was established in 2020, which PIT acquired with Petro Intel Tech Co., Ltd. by the same expert team and a group of oil and gas’s technician teams, who has been having the know-how and experience 35 years over, including who has worked for Petrochemical Plants & Petroleum facilities services in onshore and offshore for chemical cleaning work.

PIT offers a full range of Biodegradable chemical cleaning services tailored to fit the needs of each customer. We specialize in chemical cleaning of industrial heat exchangers, Cooling systems, Fin Fan Cooler and other water formed deposits from water operated equipment by Rydlyme Biodegradable Solution Descales (Water Scale Dissolving). Including hydrocarbon tanks, vessels, drums, tower decontamination, and pipework to eliminating and cleaning of waxy and residual hydrocarbons by Biodegradable Heavy-duty Solvent Degreaser or Hydrocarbons Scavenger. Every job is unique; each is individually engineered and executed to safely accomplish the client’s cleaning needs for Oil & Gas industry, petrochemical & refining industries, Power industries and HVAC industries, Pharmaceutical and Food & Beverage industries during the whole lifecycle of the plants.

    Employee and customer safety is our number one goal. Our company philosophy is that all injuries are preventable. We continually train all Supervisors & Service Technicians to ensure a safe work environment each and every day.

    Biodegradable Chemical Cleaning can reduce cleaning time by as much as 90% and generates higher levels of cleanliness compared to mechanical methods, simultaneously reducing the waste generated as part of the cleaning process. We attend a site hazardous meetings, write our activities including the scope of work, procedures, chemical requirements, work method statements, spill prevention, waste neutralization for each phase of cleaning

    Tools and Equipment

    Circulating Tank

    Diaphragm Pump

    5' Centrifugal pump with Diesel Engine

    Screw Pump

    Activated Carbon Box

    Temporary Waste Storage Tank

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