Hydrocarbon Eliminating and Cleaning

Hydrocarbon Eliminating and Cleaning – Biodegradable Chemical Cleaning by a Closed-loop System

Hydrocarbon (Petroleum) Scavenger is the biodegradable chemical for Eliminating and cleaning

High-performance solution cleaners for effective degreasing and a highly concentrated powerful and biodegradable heavy-duty solvent degreaser. Hydrocarbon scavenger penetrates and lifts the heaviest of oil or hydrocarbon contamination with reduced risks for the environment.

Hydrocarbon solution Cleaner is a rapid and effective cleaner for use against waxy and residual hydrocarbons on storage tanks, equipment, machinery wall, and floors. Also effective against asphaltine, crude oils, tars, hardened greases, and heavy soils.

Product Specification and Advantage

  • Technical Data

Appearance                                 Clear

Specific Gravity @ 20°C              0.9 – 1pH <9

Viscosity @ 20°C and 60rpm     120-160cPs

VOC Content                               Zero

Refractive Index                        Typical 8-9%

  • Both cost effective and safer for the environment and the user.

  • Rapid and effective cleaner for use against waxy and residual hydrocarbons on storage tanks walls and floors.

  • A blend of biodegradable surfactants and performance enhancing solvents, it penetrates and lifts the heaviest of oil contamination.

  • Heavy duty degreaser and effective against asphaltine, crude oils, tars, hardened greases and heavy soils.

  • Free from D-limonene and VOCs.

  • Biodegradable.

  • No bioaccumulation potential.           

  • Economical use at 4-10% dilution.

  • Non flammable.

  • Environment friendly.

  • Water rinsable.

  • Effective & powerful
    • Effective solvency & degreasing in a range of applications.
    • Heavy duty product with excellent material compatibility.
    • Use on oil tanks, equipment, chains, machinery and floors.
  • Environmentally friendly
    • Biodegradable – naturally breaks down in the environment, leaving no soil residue and no hazard to plants.
    • Non-toxic and with no potential for bioaccumulation.
    • Low aquatic toxicity.
    • VOCs (volatile organic compounds) free.
    • D-Limonene free.
  • Safer to use
    • Improves employee safety by avoiding the handling of toxic cleaning chemicals.
    • Not classified as flammable.
    • Non-toxic.
    • Not classified as a skin irritant or skin sensitiser.
    • No transport classification required.
    • Safe to use on most metal surfaces, painted surfaces and tank coatings.
  • Quick and easy to use
    • Simply stir, dilute and use!
    • Fast-acting for the removal of waxy and residual hydrocarbons.
    • Water rinsable and separator friendly.
    • Easy rinse off, leaving clean and oil-free surfaces.

Petroleum and Petrochemical Cleaning Applications

Listed below are just some of the types of equipment that have been thoroughly cleaned with high-performance solvent cleaners for effective degreasing and a heavy-duty solvent degreaser in the industry.

  • Storage Tanks
  • Vessels
  • Drums & Separators
  • Column or Tower
  • Heat Exchangers
  • Piping
  • Machineries

Tank Cleaning Closed Loop System

Biodegradable heavy-duty solvent degreaser for cleaning oil storage tanks (Closed-Loop System)

Biodegradable solvent degreaser tank cleaner is in a closed-loop circulation system, to circulate degreasing for both liquid phase and gas phase of hydrocarbon or VOCs, it is not spread out to atmosphere until disposal has been L.E.L. = 0%  and VOCs <= 300 ppm or benzene <= 1 ppm or accordance with safety standard and safe for your personnel and environment. Normally, the period time to eliminate and clean the tank per set is no more than 1-7 days depending on the size. For example, 34 m diameter of tank cleaning is completed for 5 days only.

Quench System Cleaning Closed Loop System

Biodegradable Degreasing and Degassing for Quench System (Closed-Loop System)
This biodegradable solvent degreaser will perform the removal and degreasing of various equipment for the whole system. The Biodegradable degreasing liquid is circulated in a closed-loop system to remove and clean away waxy or residual hydrocarbons or VOCs that are residual throughout the system at the same time. The quench oil process for full systems is consists of tower, vessel, drum, tank, heat exchanger and piping, etc.